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Hannah was a calming influence throughout...

Testimonial: Amy

“I came to Wise Waves as I was feeling overwhelmed and jumbled with emotions surrounding my assisted fertility journey. Hannah was very welcoming and a calming influence throughout. She helped me to explore many helpful strategies, and I found a good number of techniques which I have been building into my every day. My resilience has improved, and I feel much more prepared to be able to approach any future fertility cycles with a warm hope, affirmations and some time to meditate and reflect.” – Amy

Her wealth of experience shines through...

Testimonial: Tammy

“I would highly recommend Hannah. Her wealth of experience across all areas of wellbeing totally shines through and she was able to work with me on different parts of my life. She really supported me focusing on what was important and where I should put my energy. I found the tools so helpful and will keep using them. Our sessions were so valuable and really have made a difference to my future.” – Tammy

Hannah is a legend...!

Testimonials: Lucy

“Hannah is a legend! I found the visualisation techniques she taught me incredibly powerful. I'd spent years going to talk to various careers advisors without getting a sense of where I wanted to be or what really motivated me. Hannah seemed to be able to tap into what truly inspires me incredibly quickly and I'm finally starting to see a way forward. She's incredibly observant, knowledgeable and warm. She also has excellent listening skills and I get the sense that she's really focusing on me. I really look forward to our sessions and find the experience really fun. Thank you so much!” – Lucy

Already making a difference in my life...

“Hannah’s compassion, intelligence and practical, positive mind shone through from our very first session. Sharing my challenges with her has been so helpful, it has helped me see them with new eyes, and her advice has given me easy-to-use tools from the get-go that are already making a difference in my life.” – Simon

Hannah helped me find my spark again...

Work With Me: Wellbeing Coaching

“I felt so good after doing a visualisation with Hannah that I didn’t get PMT this month, which is usually horrible for me. She really helped me reset my mind and get me focused away from the mundane and onto what I actually want. It really made a big difference. I didn’t feel down as usual because I’ve now got this beautiful vision of a lovely future instead. Hannah helped me find my spark again. Thank you.” – Jasmine

Really helped me to cope better with life...

Testimonials: Julie

“I’ve really enjoyed my one-to-one wellness coaching sessions with the lovely Hannah over the last 6 weeks. I’ve found it’s really helped me to cope better with life and everyday things, and changed my perspective on life. Over the weeks I’ve learnt to reassess my priorities, start with my self-care and have me-time, as well as other time shared equally between loved ones and friends.

I also learnt a lot about my eating habits and have managed to turn it into a fun and easy way of becoming healthier, and that chocolate and crisps aren’t the answer to my problems! I will carry on putting into practice what I’ve learnt and become a happier and healthier person. Thank you so much Hannah.” – Julie

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