Work With Me

Does this sound like you?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, work with me and I'll help you create meaningful change:

  • Feel unable to cope with life’s challenges
  • Want to make more confident choices in your life
  • Not living the life you really want or deserve
  • Wish things didn’t have to feel so complicated
  • Need to lighten the load
  • Feel like you never have enough energy
  • Want to feel more vibrant, motivated and energised
  • Know that you’re not taking care of yourself properly
  • Want to improve your relationship with food
  • Wish you could sleep more soundly at night
  • Feel like you’re no longer in the driving seat of your life
  • Want to create deeper connections with your loved ones
  • Lost touch with who you are and what lights you up
  • Scared to peel back the layers to see what’s underneath
  • Want to bring more joy into your life

Helping you find your flow

I want to help you find your flow, so you can feel in control and ride the wave of your life with ease. I’m not saying you’ll never get dumped by the wave again, but hopefully, with the tools and strategies we create together, you’ll be up on your feet again a little quicker each time. And the ride will get just a little less bumpy...

Hannah Moss

Cert. L.C. Wellbeing

Hannah helped me find my spark again...

Work With Me: Wellbeing Coaching

“I felt so good after doing a visualisation with Hannah that I didn’t get PMT this month, which is usually horrible for me. She really helped me reset my mind and get me focused away from the mundane and onto what I actually want. It really made a big difference. I didn’t feel down as usual because I’ve now got this beautiful vision of a lovely future instead. Hannah helped me find my spark again. Thank you.” – Jasmine

When you work with me, we will:

Develop practical coping strategies that work well for you

Create self-care practices that are manageable and enjoyable

Find ways to keep you motivated and moving forwards

Help you find your flow and feel more in control of your life again

How it works

  • Sessions: My coaching packages are based on 3, 6 or 9 one-hour sessions.
  • Frequency: Weekly sessions work best, but fortnightly is also possible.
  • Support: The packages include additional support and accountability in between sessions, via email, WhatsApp or text as you prefer. 
  • Flexibility: Your sessions can be delivered via Zoom, over the phone, or in-person in Eastbourne, East Sussex - whichever works best for you.
  • Upgrade: If you buy one package and find you need more sessions, you can always upgrade to the next package simply by paying the difference (within 1 month). 

What's included

When you work with me, our sessions will be tailored to your individual needs, but will roughly follow this format: 

Step 1: Explore where you're at and what’s going on for you right now, as well as the challenges you’re facing.

Step 2: Identify your personal goals and intentions for the changes you want to make.  

Step 3: Agree personalised coping strategies and self-care practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily life, to help you move towards your goals and intentions. 

Step 4: Review your progress and whether the strategies are working for you or need to be adjusted.

Step 5: Discuss how to help you feel empowered and stay in control of your own wellbeing. 

Support: During our time together, you’ll benefit from additional support and accountability check-ins by text or email, to help keep you on track and stay motivated. These can include queries, reminders, check-ins and resource sharing.

My aim is to be your personal ambassador, encouraging and inspiring you to keep moving in the direction you want - for a happier life and a better you!  

How I'll help you

When you work with me, I pledge to: 

Hannah Moss - Work With Me
  • Ask powerful questions that inspire and challenge you.
  • Encourage and support you to make important changes in your life.
  • Work intuitively and with compassion to find the best outcomes for you.
  • Help you find practical solutions for lasting change and sustainable personal growth.
  • Motivate you to make small, incremental steps that add up to significant changes.
  • Provide you with focus and accountability.
  • Celebrate your successes.

Already making a difference in my life...

“Hannah’s compassion, intelligence and practical, positive mind shone through from our very first session. Sharing my challenges with her has been so helpful, it has helped me see them with new eyes, and her advice has given me easy-to-use tools from the get-go that are already making a difference in my life.” – Simon

My coaching packages

If you're ready to work with me, simply follow the links below to buy your coaching package. Once you’ve made your payment, I’ll be in touch to book your sessions. 

If you have any questions, want to check we’re a good fit, or would like to discuss payment options, feel free to book a discovery call first.    

3 Sessions 

3-week coaching package + support


No savings

Pricing plans available on request


6 Sessions 

6-week coaching package + support


Save £30!

Pricing plans available on request

9 Sessions 

9-week coaching package + support


Save £90!

Pricing plans available on request

Hannah is a legend...!

Testimonials: Lucy

“Hannah is a legend! I found the visualisation techniques she taught me incredibly powerful. I'd spent years going to talk to various careers advisors without getting a sense of where I wanted to be or what really motivated me. Hannah seemed to be able to tap into what truly inspires me incredibly quickly and I'm finally starting to see a way forward. She's incredibly observant, knowledgeable and warm. She also has excellent listening skills and I get the sense that she's really focusing on me. I really look forward to our sessions and find the experience really fun. Thank you so much!” – Lucy

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